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We Welcome You!
AMAC is an acronym that stands for Adults Molested as Children. We also often use the term 'Survivor'.

Whether you are a survivor, friend, family member or professional, we hope to provide helpful information, support and encouragement. Please bookmark this page (Ctrl-D) and come back often. Refer your friends and patients.
Have a Look Around
Our site is updated regularly. Please browse around and return soon for new content!

The menu to the left will guide you to useful links such as online email support/discussion groups, message forums, chat rooms, information on finding a support group in your area, sites built by other AMAC's and much more.

This site is dedicated to ending sexual abuse through educating and offering support to AMAC's. Some information contained herein or the attached links may not be suitable for children to view without supervision. Please use good judgement.

Some material contained herein or the attached links may provoke strong emotions for you. If you find yourself triggered, please take care and go gently.
Why Seek Healing?
Unless you have experienced childhood sexual abuse, it's difficult to understand just how devastating it is to live with the after effects of this cruel trauma. If there's any chance you or someone you know was abused, please take a moment to visit the links provided here.

If you have an AMAC in your life and you'd like to better understand how abuse affects someone, and how you can have a more fulfilling relationship with them, browse our links and visit the suggested reading list. Support groups for Allies of AMACs are becoming more readily available. Don't be afraid. Open your mind. Get educated. You may be amazed at what you learn. Survivors are perfectly normal people, healing from a severe trauma.

Just Getting Started?
The questions that other survivors ask me most often are, "Can you ever REALLY heal?" and "Is it worth the pain?" I do believe we all deserve to live a full and happy life and that recovery is possible. It's sad that there are so many of us out there. In my more than 10 years of healing (since first opening up about being abused), I can say that YES, progress and mending are definitely possible.

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Your Guide to AMAC
Hello, I'm Bridget. Web friends often call me Brie. If you want to know more about my personal journey through the healing process, you can visit my online recovery journal by simply clicking on the photo above. To email me, scroll down to the link below.

My deepest gratitude to all the survivors who over the years have offered me inspiration and support. You have given me hope and helped me to grow in ways I could never have imagined possible.
Never have I met a more sincere, creative, loving group of people as those who have experienced and are healing from the trauma of abuse. Take care and go gently!

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